BioEXCEL 2014: Saturday, June 28th - Saturday, Aug 2nd


  BioEXCEL is an exciting academic and leadership development program for students interested in the biological sciences.  All incoming freshman are eligible for this stimulating five-week summer program on the Northwestern University Evanston campus.  BioEXCEL students will live together in a Northwestern residence hall and have the opportunity to experience college life under the mentorship of residential peer counselors.  The program will prepare students for the rigors of academic life while also providing a social network of peers. For only $200, BioEXCEL students will:
  • Receive academic preparation in calculus, chemistry, and biology
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Partipate in field trips and site visits both on and off the NU campus
  • Become part of the Northwestern community
  • Food and housing is free
  • Courses and classroom material is free
  • Round trip transportation will be provided for students outside of Chicagoland area
Upon successful completion of the four BioEXCEL courses students will receive 2 units of academic credit towards the 45-48 total units required to earn a Northwestern degree.  Selection is based on a demonstrated interest in the biological sciences, a potential for leadership, and a commitment to diversity. Students are automatically considered for BioEXCEL after a review of their application for admission to Northwestern, but can also indicate their interest in the program by contacting the BioEXCEL Director, Luke Flores, at


BioEXCEL 2011BioEXCEL/ChemExcel participants take four classes over the course of the five week program:  Chemistry, Calculus, Biological Science Research Highlights, and Leadership Projects. These courses are designed to prepare students for the academic rigor of the upcoming freshman year and expose them to up-and-coming areas in the biological sciences and career opportunities in this field.  For more details see our course information page.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the academic program, BioEXCEL/ChemEXCEL parparticipants also complete a number of activities designed to build a sense of community and to familiarize themselves with Northwestern resources and the surrounding Chicago area. Visits to several area attractions, combined with on-campus presentations, will provide participants with an in-depth preview of life at Northwestern well before their classmates arrive in the fall. (Learn more...)