ChemEXCEL 2014: Saturday, June 28th - Saturday, Aug 2nd



 ChemEXCEL is an exciting new academic and leadership development program for students interested in the chemical sciences.  ChemEXCEL is an expansion of our very successful BioEXCEL program and is made possible by funds from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and a generous gift from The Alumnae of Northwestern University.  Highly-motivated students from across the country will complete a stimulating five-week summer program on the Northwestern University Evanston campus.  ChemEXCEL students will reside BioEXCEL and EXCEL students majoring in biology and engineering, respectively, and have the opportunity to experience college life under the mentorship of residential peer counselors.  The program will prepare students for the rigors of academic life while also providing a social network of peers.

ChemEXCEL classes will prepare students for their success at Northwestern University by helping participants develop a strong foundation in core competencies including calculus, chemistry, research and leadership skills.  Students will take four courses and benefit from extracurricular, social and career related activities.  Activities will include residence hall movie nights, outdoor gatherings, weekend trips to Chicago area summer festivals, sporting events, and opportunities to meet with relevant leaders and professional associations in biosciences and chemical fields.

Upon successful completion of the four courses students will receive 2 units of academic credit and letter grades that count towards the 45-48 total units required to earn a Northwestern degree.  In addition, students enrolled in the program will receive classroom instruction and materials for each of the four  courses, as well as room and board.  The program will also provide a stipend to students who live more than 90 miles outside of Chicago to offset some of the costs related to round-trip transportation.  For all this, students are only expected to pay a $200 activities fee!

 All incoming Northwestern freshmen are eligible for ChemEXCEL. Selection is based on a demonstrated interest in the chemical sciences, a potential for leadership, and a commitment to diversity. Students are automatically considered for ChemEXCEL after a review of their application for admission to Northwestern, but can also indicate their interest in the program by contacting the program director, Dr. Luke Flores, at