BioEXCEL is an exciting new academic and leadership development program for incoming freshmen interested in the biological sciences and committed to diversity. Students live on campus  during for five weeks and engage in an academically challenging curriculum and exciting and social and leadership program that will prepare them for life at Northwestern.

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NU Bioscientist

Thirty incoming students will participate in a unique freshman curriculum and be immersed in a biological research experience very early after entering Northwestern.  A central aim of the program is to give students tools for becoming scientists and physicians: critical thinking skills, scientific knowledge, cross-disciplinary analytical skills and long-term enthusiasm for biological/biomedical research.  The online application for incoming students will open April 9, 2012.

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Intro to BioSci Courses

Northwestern is redesigning its introductory biology series.  The classroom environment will change to one that is focused on active student learning.  Students will be engaged through problem solving activities, case studies, and inquiry-based laboratories.  The new course content will incorporate connections to quantitative concepts and methods, drawing on examples from mathematics, statistics, the physical sciences and engineering.

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nuViBE Overview

The Northwestern University Ventures in Biology Education (nuViBE) program will reshape Northwestern students’ undergraduate bioscience education experience and prepare students to successfully pursue cutting-edge research, advanced degrees and professional careers in the biosciences and biomedical arena.  To achieve this goal, Northwestern University faculty and leadership are transforming the introductory biology series and have created the BioEXCEL and NU Bioscientist programs.  Each program takes a targeted approach to support improvements in bioscience education.  The underlying aim for each program is to motivate students and give them a supportive and innovative approach to learning by providing them with hands-on experience in real world research projects in the laboratories at Northwestern University.

Northwestern University Ventures in Biology Education is made possible by a grant award from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Precollege and Undergraduate Education Program.